Weathering the Storm…


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Sugar & Cyanide by keristar2010

Sometimes great stores in SL close their doors. But in the process of those doors closing you can find some great deals. This store may have closed but they are not gone. You can still find Sugar & Cyanide on marketplace.

Once I got out today it hit me like a very bad storm. I probably should have dug out my rain coat instead. I may get a little wet during my run to town today but I’ll look good doing it.

Shirt- Sugar & Cyanide Jewel top in red
Jeans- [Cynful] + Lil’Lace Bell Bottom in Medium Denim (belt is color changeable by hud)
Hair- Alice Project Willow in Silver-Black from the Advent event.
Bangles and Nails- Formanails– Snake Shanayalee in gold.


A fun day in the snow.


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.:EC:. by keristar2010

The only thing I love more then watching the snow fall is spending a few minutes in it. However, it seems the older I get the less time I can stand to spend in the cold, hehe. This lovely sweater dress paired with a warm pair of legs seemed to suit the weather perfectly. This dress is from one of my favorite stores, .:EC:. or Enelya’s Creations.

Dress- .:EC:. Adriane in Fushia with black belt (Colors controlled by a hud)
Hair- Analog Dog Washu in Black
Leggings- Beautiful Dirty Rich Snowy outfit shown in a previous post,

Sn@tch fishing fun!!


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Sn@tch by keristar2010

As a New Years gift to her customers, Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch has loaded 25 boxes with various goodies from her store and dropped them into her fishing pond. To retrieve these boxes all you have to do is fish for them using a 7seas fishing pole. It’s a easy as that. If you find yourself having trouble with getting certain boxes talk with others in the store fishing or join the group. Because, all 25 boxes are transferable so it’s easy to share and help others with your doubles.

Also, in this picture I’m wearing a new hair that i found in the Long Way Hunt from Tameless Hair. My nails are from the Formanails advent calender.

Shirt- Sn@tch Fishing event Grab bag #1
Hair- Tameless Hair– Harmony naturals in deep brown. “The Long Way Hunt” put on by DeMoN Hunts.
Nails- Formanails– Form long Design Night. Gift from advent calender.

Happy 2014 Everyone


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Couture'd Bacon by keristar2010

Well after a long night on the town with my dear Ed. I found it a little difficult to get home. Bless his heart he tried getting me home but he himself was not in any better shape then I was last night. Needless to say I’m not completely sure where we woke-up this morning but damn did we have fun last night.

On me:
Couture’d Bacon– Shrug Dress WWW hunt gift
Analog Dog Hair– washu in cacao
Shoenique– Becca Crystal Platform Heels

On Ed:
Couture’d Bacon– Warm Winter Wishes hunt gift (shirt and tie combo, pants not included)
Skin- TellaQ reaper




!Soul by keristar2010

For my final post tonight. I’m excites to share this store with everyone. This store has amazing clothes at extremely amazing prices. There are so many great options of looks to put together involving the clothing from this store. I did find it difficult to decide on one look to us for this post but i settled on the Tigress mesh gown. I do have a weakness for animal prints. This store does offer many group gifts as well. It’s worth checking into.

To the creator at !Soul keep up the wonderful work you do sweetie.

Dress !Soul– Mesh Gown in Tigress

Hair Wasabi Pills– Gloria in Night Shadow

Liza’s Boutique



Liza's by keristar2010

For my second post of the evening I wanted to spotlight this lovely gown i found out about in a notice from one of the groups I’m in.   In that notice it was stated that this store has a group gift of a gown in my favorite colors combination.  As you can imagine this lady did not walk she ran and wrapped her arms around the entire rack of dresses.

But, I did let go of most the dresses and just took home one in my size of course. I am totally loving this dress. It has an elegant feel but also makes me feel as though I’m queen of the vamps, hehe. I am excited to see more from this store.

Dress Liza’s Boutique– Eva (group gift)

Hair Tameless Hair– Janice in Naturals

Artizana Ethnic Couture



Artizana by keristar2010

As I sit back and think of all the exciting things that 2013 has brought. I find myself remembering all the amazing deals I have found. Today I have decided I’m going to be focusing on some of my personal favorite clothing in second life.

I love dressing up and wearing beautiful gowns. This lovely gown was found in the POE 6 hunt, at a lovely gem of a store that I’m excited too have found. It is a ethnic couture store, that has been on the grid for 6 years. Specializing in lovely and ethnic clothing.

Dress- Artizana Ethnic Couture– Soulstice in Amber- Limited color for the POE 6 hunt.
Hair- Emo-tions– Alison in Brown

Snowy from Beautiful Dirty Rich



Snowy from Beautiful Dirty Rich by keristar2010

Imagine my surprise when a few boxes later i find this beautiful group gift from the same store. Sorry D but i just had to try this one on. I’m telling ya ladies if you haven’t been to Beautiful Dirty Rich it’s time too. But you’ll need to wait a few days as this store is currently shut down for a rebuild. No worries though this lovely gift is offered in the group notices, hehe.

Beautiful Dirty Rich Snowy (black/Cyan)
Hair Wasabi Pills– Gloria

Gift from D


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Gift from D by keristar2010

In the craze of ripping open multiple gifts Christmas morning i had to stop and try on my gift my dearest friend D sent me. I loved it so much i continued wearing it throughout the opening of my remaining gifts. Thank you so much for my gift D.

This beautiful outfit came from a store called Beautiful Dirty Rich and it’s called Cute ‘n’ Cozy (blacks).

Hair Analog Dog– Pause

To new beginnings…


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Lovely in green by keristar2010

I’ve found myself lately looking for things to do with myself. As I think through the many things I enjoy doing they are either old and tiresome or they would be way to taxing to my laptop. Then i got thinking how about looking into a new hobby. My best has been running her own blog for the past few months and has had a blast with it so I thought I’d give it a go and see where it leads.

With the said I bring my first post. In this simple photo (photo editors would be taxing on my laptop). One day I’ll try editing on the desk top but after baking all day I’ve choose not to tonight. :-))

Dress from Plastik— Boudoir in Grass.

Shoes from Shoenique— Red Katrina Glitter Heels

Hair from Analog Dog— Washu in Cacao